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Lean Into The Wave is Drop Party’s first full length album, released on 10/19/2019. It was produced by Matt Murphy at Memory Lane Studios and Sabella Studios.

Jake, when asked about the album:
“Hold true, believer! This project was started more than 2 years ago, after a project that was 10 years in the making fell apart. Braced with the knowledge and tact that we’ve learned through those years of trial and tribulation, we are here for a 3rd time, to open your eyes to the wonderful sounds of Drop Party. Imagine what peanut butter and chocolate sounds like and you’d be starting to prepare yourself to pick up what we’re putting down, and we’re putting it down hard. A little bit of jazz, a little bit of ska, a little bit of funk, a little bit of drop and a whole lot of party – our mission is to be the sound of your celebration, whatever it might be that day.”

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Formed in early 2018, Drop Party is an eclectic septet from coastal Connecticut that aims to bring its sound to the people and spread joy. The band switches gears seamlessly through ska, funk, jazz, and latin, doing whatever it takes to keep you twisting and dancing.

The sound of Drop Party is both loose and precise; vamping here and navigating a tight horn run there. There are no limits to the band and no boundaries between the band and the crowd. With a lush horn section and a tight four-piece rhythm section, this band is ready to rock any arrangement. Catchy but never cliche, their music keeps you on your toes. It’s a kaleidoscopic blowout that you don’t want to miss.

Anthony Chabla – Percussion
Ryan Furbush – Alto Sax
Jake Krasniewicz – Bass // Vocals
Dan Raccuia – Trumpet
Jacob Raccuia – Tenor Sax
Zach Rader – Drums
Jeff Wickun – Guitar // Vocals

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